Monday, May 26, 2014

May Beauty Favorites

It's that time again... Take a look at some of my most used & favorite products in the month of May.

Flirty & Girly Jumbo Lip Gloss
It does not need to be said that I love ELF's Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks, because I think y'all hear it enough already. This has been my go to whenever I'm looking for a  screaming pop of color. 

Oatmeal Soap
If you have been reading my posts for a bit, you know that I have serious skin issues. It's always one thing or another and I always have my eyes peeled for the next best cleanser. I've never heard anything about this brand, but I found it for a buck and my face loves it. 
Face Secrets Concealer Brush
This brush has been through most of my makeup days. I'm not really sure if you can buy this anymore, but I know Face Secrets still makes brushes. I've been using this to complete my latest tube of concealer and it blends beautifully. I also believe I have cut the bristles of the brush, so it may not look exactly like this if you go shopping around. 

Savina Nail Polish
I really wish I could find more people who use Savina products. I'm always looking up if they have new stuff or whatnot and for whatever reason, I cannot find people who have used this brand. This has literally been on my toes all month long. 

Hydrating Under Eye Primer
I told you guys this would work it's way up to my favorites. ELF's newest product has given a complete different formula compared to their other primers. This is more like a lotion and works amazingly throughout the day. 

We Heart It
Finally, my favorite app/website. I used to use this religiously, but them tumblr happened. This is basically that and pinterest rolled into one. If you're a picture lover, this is for you. My user name is aerup.

I hope you all enjoyed this and I would love to hear what your favorites have been this month. Let me know down below or head to my homepage for all social links. 

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