Saturday, July 5, 2014

Better Than False Lashes • How To Use Fiber Infused Mascara Effectively

Better Than Sex Mascara had everyone's hopes high. Better Than False sounds more like it. This Nylon Extension System by Too Faced is not the first of it's kind & can be tricky if not done properly. I know what you're thinking, but Too Faced's directions are incorrect

While this system is effective in the sense of providing a false lash look, it can easily diminish the uses you get out of this $35 mascara. 

Step 1: Prime the lashes with the activating base. (mascara)
Step 2: Build the lashes with Nylon Fibers in the same slow, even strokes from lash base to tip.
Step 3: Seal the lashes and bond the layers together with the base formula. (mascara)

"Put this wand back in the tube and save them for later applications. Or; for even fuller lashes, repeat steps 2 and 3."

Ahh, Step 3... In here lies this products downfall. After applying fibers to your lashes, the sealing application of a wet mascara will pick up some fibers.

My point is, the product will never be the same once you use it. The fibers mix with the mascara and the next application will have fibers in the base. Who wants clumpy looking lashes? Who wants clumpy looking false lashes? I'd expect false lashes to look better and after getting an application out of this product, it's all for nothing.

Now to the real reason you're here; How Do You Fix This? It'd honestly be a lot easier to buy a pair (or six) of lashes than to fuss with this product. However, if you've invested in this product and don't mind the steps; here's the secret. 

Yep, that is all. You can pick up $3 packs (of 12) at and they will easily get you through this tube. The wands will come in after you apply your base and fibers. While you will still use the provided mascara to seal this process, use a disposable mascara wand to apply on top of fibers. This way, the actual tube of mascara will never come in contact with fibers.

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