Friday, August 22, 2014

ELF Moisturizing Foundation Stick • First Impression & Review

I think I've finally tried out every ‘Moisturizing’ product EyesLipsFace offers. Come see how their Moisturizing Foundation Stick worked for me... 

Right off the bat, I knew I would probably have an issue with color matching this particular foundation. With a smaller variety of only 8 shades and a negative past with the brands idea of ‘Ivory’, I was spot on.

Color Match ☆
Price ☆☆☆
Coverage ☆☆

I'm not sure what I am more upset with: the fact that this ‘Ivory’ shade is completely peach, or that the product is not at all moisturizing. I've explained my case on every other ELF product that has been labeled ‘moisturizing’ and I'm not sure why I thought this would be any different. 

At first, I tried applying the product with my fingers. (Swiping the stick and dotting it on; before buffing it out with a brush.) The foundation immediately went from a solid to a liquid to a powder. After giving up and taking the stick straight to my face, I still found it difficult to blend. (Not that peach goes with white skin regardless.) 

Bottom line, this was drying and even went to the extent of accentuating my dry patches. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who has less than oily skin and definitely stay away if you want the lightest shade.

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