Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nail Polish Collection • Full Reviews & Fall Picks 2014

My current Nail Polish Collection as of Fall 2014 and which shades I will be wearing most in the coming months. 

Warm Tones
Valentine is a creme finish cool based red from the brand Savina. I feel this company deserves much more buzz than they seem to achieve. Their formula for creme polish is absolutely killer and I have never been disappointed by a bottle.

Laced Up is a creme finish red toned pink from the well known brand China Glaze. This brand happens to be my favorite hands down over any higher or lower end nail polish company. 

Pink is quite a matte finish sheer neon pink from the brand Sinful Colors. I find their polishes chip with ease and they're pretty much a get what you pay for company. With 3 generous coats, you can achieve a nice nail color. 

Strobe Light is a chunky glitter mauve-pink by the brand Sally Hansen. It's hit and miss when it comes to this brand, but would like to give them the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, this shade chips within a day of application no matter the top coat.

Pink Satin is a metallic finish deep warm mauve by the brand Sally Hansen. It's more along the lines of a hit than my other experiences with the company and can be opaque with only 1 coat! 

Champagne is a shimmer finish burnt coral with a lighter sheen by the brand EyesLipsFace. If you know my blog you know how much I adore this company for their makeup; their nail polish is another story. This shade is extremely sheer and doesn't really flatter as much as it appears to in the bottle. 

Erika is a shimmer finish baby pink with a peach sheen by the brand Zoya. I love the formula when it comes to their shimmer polishes but the wear isn't as forgiving seeing how I can only get a few days of wear before the beautiful colors chip. 

Cool Tones
Let's Groove is a shimmer finish deep purple with a burgundy sheen by the brand China Glaze. I absolutely love this shade; possibly the most out of any I own, and it's even more gorgeous in direct sunlight. 

Caribbean is a creme finish navy by the brand Savina. This color works as a great base; as well as stand alone color, and is opaque in 2 coats. 

Aquadelic is a creme finish sea foam teal by the brand China Glaze. It's more of a blue teal but somehow pulls more green up against the company's raved about For Audrey. 

Bahamian Escape is a creme finish baby blue by the brand China Glaze. (Yes, more from them. At one point my entire collection was by the company.) I have yet to find a creme baby blue that holds a light pigment against my pale hands without washing the color out. 

Cinderella is a shimmer finish true-to-name blue with a light pink sheen by the brand Sinful Colors. I love that the polish is so true to name with the sparkle in the slipper feel. Though the shade is sheer, it is worth it after about 3 generous coats. (I prefer to wear this over Bahamian Escape for an easier and lasting application.)

Glee is a shimmer finish turquoise base with a teal glitter by the brand Jesse's Girl. I love this formula and can't say much for their other shades because it is the only one I've ever owned. It's also the only glitter with shimmer I've ever had to my opinion. This is again even more amazing in the sun and is perfect for beach or pool days.

Watermelon Rind is a shimmer finish teal with a turquoise sheen by the brand China Glaze. While this color seems to be an opposite of the above Glee shade, it's completely different worn. The formula lasts at least twice as long and has more microscopic glitter or "sheen" to it.

Teal is a creme finish deep teal by the brand Blackheart. This polish lasts forever and stains like a bitch. It reminds me of an ex-boyfriend; it's nice when you want it around but when you want it to leave, it refuses. 

Even though I have downsized my collection quite a bit, I still put at least half of the colors away at the dawn of fall. Don't get me wrong; If I want to pull out a neon in the middle of December, I'll do it. Don't test me! I. Will. Do. It. Bottom line... I can't have them all sitting on my dresser without going crazy! I like to pick out select colors that I know I will be reaching for throughout the colder months and here are my top selections. 

If it's cold outside, I'll most likely have Valentine on my toes and there's a chance it's rocking out on my fingers as well. I love an icy blue and can easily achieve that with Bahamian Escape underneath Cinderella. If I'm craving more of a cool creme, I'll pull from Aquadelic or Caribbean. Last but not least, my deep sheen colors that are always out; Let's Groove and Watermelon Rind

That's it! That's my entire color collection that has been entirely downsized in the last few weeks. I also have some cheap whites, blacks and grey polishes that are just creme finishes for mixing and such... but wait. Do you smell that? I smell a Battle of the Top Coats coming your way very soon! Stay tuned...

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