Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Revlon Colorsilk • Before & After, Mixing Shades & Review

Welcome to the first of many steps I am both slowly and eagerly taking to my newest hair color.

I began with extremely dried and grown out bleach blonde. The goal in this step was to get my head of hair to one color; possibly the same as my roots or a shade darker. (I'm a natural ‘deep’ blonde.) Due to the color that I'm trying to plan and figure out, I needed to get rid of any lighter hair. Also, my bleached and treated tint needed to go. 

Thankfully my CVS had two shades close enough to what I was looking for. Tip: Right now Colorsilk is 2/$6 at any CVS Pharmacy. This is also why I got two different shades. Normally, I would've purchased two of the same color due to my long & thick hair. 

After about 25 minutes, (I start the time after I'm completely finished rather when I first start applying.) I was left with a very ashy brown. The photo above pulls a red hue, but overall the shade was true to it's medium/ash light brown. I mixed both bottle of color together and distributed the liquids evenly to each developer bottle. 

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