Monday, October 6, 2014

Crap Beauty Products Fall 2014 - Concealer, Mascara & More!

KLEANCOLOR is very hit and miss when it comes to makeup. I've somehow become attracted to more of their misses.

KLEANCOLOR Morning Confession Eye Roll On Concealer - Fair
While this only ran me $1.00 (as most KC products do) this was a total fail. Not only did the packaging create a hassle in "rolling on" the concealer, but the little product that I struggled to get out was very dry and would not blend or move once it was rolled over skin.

KLEANCOLOR Girl Talk Volumizing Mascara - Black
This mascara shouldn't even be legal. Immediately upon opening the tube, there is a strong perfume scent that isn't pleasant; by the way, and it constantly irritates your eyes when on your lashes. The formula is so wet I'm surprised it didn't drip off of my lashes. That's the other thing, good luck getting this on. I've only used it once and it is impossible to get any volume with the brush and consistency.

Staying in the dollar range, I have a few ELF products that are not at all worthy.

EyesLipsFace Lengthening & Defining Mascara - Black
About a year ago this mascara was awesome. I'm not sure if the formula has changed or if this recent tube was as well from a year ago. The product seemed to have already begun the clumping process before it was opened. I could barely get any to stick on my lashes and if I did, they were dry clumps of almost a gel-like consistency.

EyesLipsFace Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow - Celebrate
I'll give this product one thing; it's definitely long lasting. As if glitter wasn't enough of a hassle in the makeup world, we had to create eyeshadow that just wont budge. I was first disappointed about the color of the product. In swatches and on the website, Celebrate (Celebration?) looks like a baby blue/grey with a lot less glitter. I'm not sure how the other colors compare, but this is a patchy mess of glitter that I wouldn't even be able to pull off on Halloween.

Last but not least, my Hard Candy piece of crap. If you'd like a full review of this product, click here.

Hard Candy All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain - Pout
These apply well but as the day goes on the stain isn't going to stick around; not to mention the fading on this product is horrible. Somehow every bad thing you can think of a lip stain has been squeezed into this product and I can't believe no one has reported issues with them. 

I love doing research on products before I purchase them but somehow these missed the filter! If you have a beauty product you're unhappy with, please share below.

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