Thursday, March 24, 2016

Products I Regret Buying • ShopMissA

Yes, the items are only a dollar... but that is a dollar that could go towards makeup that actually pleases me. 

I will be going through every single purchase I regret paying for through Up until recently, none of the items are actually by the shop themselves, so this doesn't mean they aren't a great store. I happen to love most of my goodies from them. 

Utopia Baked Eyeshadow

I tried these myself a while back and even purchased doubles for a giveaway. Sadly I couldn't use them for myself or my readers because they were rough and had no pigment. 

Creamy Lipstick (Black Tube/Pink Text)

This was not only very sheer and completely different than portrayed online, but it smelled of cough syrup and reminded me of play makeup. 

- Alpha Girl -
Shadow, Liner & Brow #5

The pigment is sparse, the colors are pretty much identical, and the creme liner (that is in with all of the powders and glitters) is a sheer, greasy mess.

Day To Night Smokey #2 & #5

These eyeshadows are so pretty but they are dry and have no pigment. The few colors that work, blend to nothing. 

Femme Advice Matte Palettes #5 & #7

I was so happy to see some eight pan eyeshadow palettes that I didn't even care to think how matte KLEANCOLOR shadows have done me wrong before. These feel very hard and barely transfer to fingers or brushes. The primer doesn't help much and some don't show up at all! 

- Just Kolour -

Concealer Tube in 01

This concealer is a great color match for pale skin but it is watery and sheer. It also seems to cling to my dry spots and I'm not sure why because of how thin it is.

- Santee -
Tattoo Lip Gloss in Pink

This is a cool idea and all the rage right now. The stains that you paint on and peel off have been picked up by so many companies. This is the first of the kind that I have tried and it is horrible. Not only is the stain patchy, but the gel that you peel off doesn't peel off clean. 

Gel Liners (Black & Brown)

These are so pigmented and creamy, but they bleed and smear like a bitch. They transfer and leave a mess when you try and take them off. 

Brow Gel Mascara - Blonde

This color is so off for blonde brows. Even if you lightened your brow hair, it would be too orange and warm. The other colors may work because the hold is pretty decent for a dollar.

Photos from ShopMissA Instagram

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