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E.L.F 100 Piece Marble Eyeshadow Palette: Review & Swatches!

Hey you guys! I was planning on posting a haul and swatch of some recent purchases
tonight. Unfortunately, they arrived at the post office too late and it looks like I'll have to wait to pick them up. Hopefully I can get there tomorrow because we are due for a huge winter storm right about now.

Any who, I thought I would take this time to swatch one of my new favorite things. About two weeks ago had an unbeatable coffee break. Well... which of their sales aren't unbeatable? (That is where I got some of my products from the last post that aren't listed on

Coffee Break - 166 Pieces Regularly $40. Now $22! 
-Studio 150-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette in II Addition
-Crystal Travel Brush Set in Blue
-Studio HD Blush in Superstar
-Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black
-Studio Shimmer Sheets in Golden
-Essential 3 Piece Nail Polish Set in Beach Party
-Essential Hypershine Lip Gloss Set

As you can imagine, I had no problem shutting up and giving them my money.*
*I ended up giving away most of the collection, which is why it was not included in my collection post. 

Per usual, E.L.F had a bunch of other promotions running and I jumped at my chance for a marbled eyeshadow palette. Sadly, it seems most of the marbled shades (there are only 10) are just overlays. One swatch and you have yourself a normal eyeshadow shade. 

None the less, I have so many swatches & many comments. Let's get to it! 

I swatched each column & lined them up in the rows that they show in the palette... despite how badly I wanted to color code each swatch. Each column has 10 shades and there are 10 rows in the palette. aka 100 piece

I broke the swatches into sections so that it would be a little bit easier to see and review. 

I will be talking about each column from top to bottom.
 (top starting from the left of the swatch; working right towards the bottom of the column)

The first set you see are some very shimmery, almost lighter versions of the shades the palette breaks into. They tend to be sheer and so I like to call these highlighters. I use 2 & 8 for everyday brow bone highlights. I wish the matte shades had a bit more pigment. 

You have a matte white1, a champagne shimmer2, a gold shimmer3, a copper shimmer4, a pink shimmer5, a satin off white6, a washed out gold shimmer7, a matte off white8, a satin champagne9, matte nude10. 

The second set moves a little bit more to the neutral side. There are a lot of satin finishes that can come across as shimmery in certain lighting. The matte shades have a bit more color and pigment to them, plus they are pretty skin toned. I use 2 & 4 as blending tones to help whatever color I put on transition a bit better. 

You have a satin tan1, a satin ivory2, a matte tan3, a matte ivory4, a warm matte brown5, a bronze shimmer6, a cool satin brown7, a satin burnt orange8, a satin nude9, a copper shimmer10.

The third set basically has a bit more color and pigment to it than set two, with a few twists.You have a gold shimmer1, an almost matte-satin taupe2, a copper shimmer3, a milk chocolate matte4, a very bronze shimmer5, a matte mud6, a satin chocolate that wants to be gold7, a dark matte copper8, a melted chocolate shimmer9, a dark chocolate matte10.
The fourth set is the big sister to the first set, as I feel the third is to the second set. It has a bit more color so you're not playing with so many brown tones, and the shades seem darker than their true colors. 3 & 7 are my favorite pinks in this entire palette.You have a very washed out satin peach1, a golden peach shimmer2, a warm rose satin3, a satin sand4, a cream orange shimmer5, a matte apricot6, a coral satin7, a matte mustard8, a warm satin tan9, a satin apricot10. Fifth set! I think I need a drink after this one.  Final warm column and then we get some drastic colors! This column is my Hayley Williams column. In fact, I used a few of these this morning with her in mind. Of course, it was toned down from her personality due to the doctor's appointment I was headed to. Anytime I see orange, I think Kel & Hayley. Again, I wish the matte shades were better pigmented. Swatching these eye shadows really make me wanna try them all wet to see if they come out brighter. Hmm..

You have a yellow brick road shimmer1, a gold coin shimmer2, a burnt gold shimmer3, a tarnished bronze shimmer4, a matte orange5, a matte creamsicle6, a matte tangerine7, an orange shimmer8, a baked penny satin9, a matte dirt10.

Set six brings in the first real pop of color. Something I want to make a note on really quickly is the pigmentation. It is vary apparent that a handful of the greens are barely there. It honestly could be the pigmentation, but I wouldn't know because a lot of these gave me h--- when it came to transferring any bit of the eyeshadow from the palette to my fingertip. They would not budge and I am so disappointed. 8 & 9 are probably my favorites with 1 trailing behind with a liking. 

You have a green/yellow shimmer that blends to a pastel matte1, a matte seafoam2, a matte camoflauge3, a matte neon4, a true green shimmer5, a true green matte6, a silvery army green shimmer7, a teal shimmer8, a satin army9, a matte forrest green10.

Set seven is going to be all of your basic pinks with a few odds and ends thrown in. Some of them come off as only slightly different from each other, but the more pink the more fun, right? I personally love 6 & 8. Again, I really wish for more pigmented shadows in the future of E.L.F. 

You have a light pink shimmer1, a pinky mauve toned matte2, a baby pink matte3, a deep coral satin4, a tickle me pink matte5, a rich barbie matte6, a peach shimmer7, a deep sea coral shimmer8, a coral satin9, a matte magenta10.

Set eight is probably my least favorite color set, which is odd because the shadows seem nice and creamy and wanted to blend perfectly.. well, better than some others. I'm just going to ask you now, please excuse my poor-almost-names I started to give them. Purple isn't really my thing but if it is yours, this is just for you! 

You have a violet shimmer1, a lavender satin2, a purple rain shimmer3, a deep lavender satin4, a perfect matte mauve5, a lavender shimmer6, a matte grape7, a matte muddy violet8, a matte berry9, a burnt magenta satin10.

Set nine is my favorite of all time. Thankfully I decided to actually swatch this palette because I would have never looked twice at this next set. I am absolutely a fan of any shade of blue and every shade that is in this palette. Any swatch that looks poorly is either due to weak fingers or poor photography because these next ten shades are the bees knees. This is just my perfect little mermaid column. Ahh! 1, 2, 3 & 9 would be my absolute must haves. 7 & 8 have a barely noticeable difference. 

You have a Cinderella shimmer1, a matte turquoise2, a matte teal3, a matte sky blue4, a satin denim5, a satin sky6, a teal shimmer7, a turquoise shimmer8, a ocean matte9, a matte navy10.

The last and final set is a grey scale from white to black and in between. While I do love two of these shades; 2 & 5, the rest of the column doesn't please me at all. The shadows either are poorly pigmented; which isn't too surprising because a good black shadow is very hard to find, or they would not budge from the pan. 

You have a matte white1, a platinum shimmer2, a satin platinum3, a satin silver4, a satin grey5, a charcoal shimmer6, a charcoal satin7, a black satin8, a black shimmer9, a matte black10.

Well, there you have it! E.L.F's 100 Piece Marble Eyeshadow Palette. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have this palette, or you see a dupe of another make up brand, feel free to let me know what you think. 

Thanks for reading.

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