Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Swatches & First Impression • Kat Von D - Ludwig Dupe

I am way too excited about this product. I have been wanting the Comfort Zone palette from Wet N Wild for way too long. I almost resorted to the $10 eBay listing because it's been so difficult for me to find elsewhere, but now I got it. Can we all just have a 30 second dance party?

Okay, let's move on to the real reason y'all are here... drum roll, please. 
Wet N Wild Color Icon Collection - 738 Comfort Zone $4.49

My goodness, I am completely head over heels right now. Alright. Starting with the left column; and the reason I wanted this in the first place. 
This is the more skin tone-friendly side of the palette. 
Browbone: This is a very nice shade to highlight with. While it leans towards a creamy yellow in my photos, this blends to a beautiful nude shimmer. 
Eyelid: Looking at this in the pan, I thought this would be like the pink in Walking On Eggshells. This blends out to a crisp copper. 
Crease: Again, the look of the pan deceives the true color of this shadow. Instead of a brown with gold shimmer, it blends to gold with shimmer.
Definer: In photos, this will show up almost black with gold specks here and there. In actuality, this is a chocolate with brown and sick burgundy shimmer. 

I would describe this as the party side of the palette. 
Browbone: I'm not sure if I would use this shade on the brow bone if you have a lighter skin tone, but I could see this working as a mid-lid highlight. 
Eyelid: This green reminds me of the '90s and I can't pinpoint why, but it is gorgeous. I would describe this as an enchanted forest moss. 
Crease: I almost love this one. It's packed full of silver, gold & chocolate glitter. I just wish the actual black base of the shadow was better formulated. 
Definer: This eyeshadow will be in my history books forever and always. It will be the only reason I ever repurchase this palette if need be. The base is a satin rusted rose and the iridescent teal in this is just psychotic in the most wonderful way. I want this all over my body all day, every day. 

All in all, this is just a fun shimmer-full palette that is beyond my wildest dreams of drugstore makeup. If I am ever able to get anything across to you, it is to never judge a palette by it's shelf visual. Obviously, you have now seen swatches of these colors, but I would have never picked this up just by looking at the palette on the store shelf. Not to mention the fact that it was on a shelf an inch above the floor laying down. It's times like these that I am glad I have a Pinterest addiction. 


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