Wednesday, February 26, 2014

E.L.F BB Cream Review

As winter begins to fade, I'm already thinking of summer looks in my makeup collection. I think a good BB Cream is essential for summertime and when I found had begun selling their own line, I was sort of skeptical on the shade and quality I might receive. I own a concealer stick in Ivory as well as a pressed powder in Ivory, and both are completely different tones. Personally, I find having a neutral skin tone to be difficult when it comes to makeup.

The first time I experimented with BB Cream was about two summers ago and it was a big disappointment. Not only did I find it to be an expensive process, but the quality and result of using the product left me very dissatisfied. I went out on a whim and purchased the cheapest brand I could find, and it showed tenfold. Even though I couldn't go anywhere but up, that is what I will be comparing the E.L.F BB Cream to.

On the left, we have Maybelline's Dream Fresh Beauty Balm. I purchased the shade Light Sheer for around $8. For this price you will receive 1.0 fluid oz of product with an SPF 30. I found that this is a very warm tone and sits on a fine line from light to medium. The 'cream' comes out very thin and would be better described as a tinted liquid. As you apply it to your skin you are pushed for time due to the liquid's quick drying aspect, and left with orange tones. Forget trying to blend this out if you are fair.

On the right, we have E.L.F's BB Cream in Fair. This product will only run you $6 and gives you 1.06 fluid oz of product with an SPF 20. This shade comes off as a neutral tone. While it still sits on the warm side, cool toned skin can pull off the fair shade. This formula creates more of the 'cream' aspect and is a step or two back from a whipped consistency. The cream allows a longer drying time and makes it simple to blend flawlessly. I am also a fan of the pump packaging, rather than Maybelline's basic tube.

From LEFT to RIGHT; E.L.F Ivory Powder, Maybelline's Light BB Cream, E.L.F Fair BB Cream

The photo above shows Maybelline's drippy to dry consistency well, and allows you to compare the creamy look of E.L.F's texture. I also swatched my everyday finishing powder in Ivory so that the flash would pick up the warmth and neutral-ness of each BB Cream.

I also attempted to photograph the thickness of E.L.F's BB Cream as it comes out of the pump and blended a little bit to show you the final coverage. The top of the blended cream is left untreated, while I added a translucent matifying powder towards the bottom.

Overall Pros (E.L.F BB Cream; SPF 20)
`Thick product that wont drip or melt off during the summer heat.
`Gives good coverage and allows time to blend before drying.
`Packaging allows easy dispense & lets the product keep it's thick consistency.
`In the event that the pump breaks, you're able to squeeze out the product.

Overall Cons (E.L.F BB Cream; SPF 20)
`Needs reapplying after 4-6 hours // not ideal for all day wear.
`Tube can create air pockets allowing the product to spit out.

In the end, I am happy with my new find & will be repurchasing E.L.F's BB Cream throughout the summer. While I do not like Maybelline's BB Cream in the least, it may work for some people with a warmer skin tone that tends to get oily easily. On the coverage scale I would rate E.L.F 8/10 while Maybelline gives you possibly a 4/10 at best.


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