Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em: Brush Edition

Total Face Brush $1 - Leave It! E.L.F's Essential Face Brushes are super scratchy & apply product in blotchy patches. Save your dollar. 
Bronzing Brush $1 - Leave It! E.L.F's Essential Face Brushes are super scratchy & this "bronzing" brush is more to contour with.
Contour Brush $3 - Love It! This eye brush is perfect for crease work and blends out product beautifully. 

Angled Blush Brush $3 - Leave It! While this brush is soft and of nice quality, it picks up too much product for a blush brush. 
Blending Eye Brush $1 - Leave It! If you've spent three times the cost of this brush on the Contour pictured beforehand, you are good to go! 
Eyelash & Brow Wand $1 - Love It! Perfect for taming wild brows and removing clumps from any mascara. 

Small Stipple Brush $3 - Love It! This brush is the perfect size for applying and blending any face product for a flawless finish. 
Smudge Brush $1 - Love It! Perfect for blending cream liners and powdered shadow for a smokey or grunge effect. 
Small Tapered Brush $3 - Love It! Must have for the perfect blush & contour application. Beautifully accents each and every face shape.
Defining Eye Brush $1 - Leave It! While the brush is thin and works well with blending, there are many other brush options that go above and beyond. 
Eyeshadow Brush $1 - Love It! This is a staple for any eyeshadow. I personally own three and love how they pack and blend color. 
Complexion Brush $3 - Love It! If you're in need of an all-over face brush, you've found your match. Soft and full for all of your powder needs. 

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