Monday, February 24, 2014

Be Darling, Be Girly, Be You: Darling Girl Cosmetics

Basically, I'm addicted to Pinterest
and one evening, I hit the jackpot! I was browsing through the Hair & Beauty tag and came to a sudden halt upon discovering an eyeshadow entitled Frankenstein. As a huge fan of the horror genre, I couldn't help but look into getting my hands on the ungodly creation. It turns out, has also created Beetlejuice and Charmed eyeshadow collections. What?!

'How could my day possibly be topped' you may ask? The prices were extremely affordable. Whenever I come across an indie makeup brand; which isn't as often as I'd like, I feel it is in my best interest to start out small. Without the products having solid reviews, I didn't want to fish out the big bucks for full size products. Thankfully, the website offers a fairly priced sampler. For a little over $6 including shipping, you're able to choose 5 eyeshadow shades for your own testing needs. Seeing how I have sensitive skin & little to no experience with loose eyeshadow pigments, this is exactly what I did. Today I will be going over the shades I chose and my overall experience with Darling Girl Cosmetics.

First things first, shipping & customer service:

Due to DG Cosmetics being an independent brand, the shipping times are posted and may vary. However, I received my order in half of the estimated wait time. Charges for the United States are unbelievably affordable compared to many other beauty web stores coming in at around $2.75. The company also offers alternative shipping methods to make international pricing a bit more affordable to customers. Along with fast shipment, I was updated via email along the entire process.

My order included my five custom samples, ($4.00) and stunningly beautiful packaging along with a bunch of other goodies that Susan so kindly threw in. 

All together, I received seven pigments. (6 samples & 1 full size)

I never expected to get two free eye shadows, let alone a full sized product with my order. Susan; if you're reading this post, thank you so very much.

Let's start with the full size 'sample' of Sovereign. I am so thankful that she threw this in, because it is possibly one of my favorite eye shadows. I'm not even sure if I came across it on the website, but if you have been paying attention to my posts for a bit... this is the exact color I've been searching for. Sovereign is basically everything I ever wanted in E.L.F's Raspberry Truffle. It is a rusted gold that can be pulled off as maroon in certain light. Love, love, love!

Next, we'll jump into the Beetlejuice collection with Sandworm. I honestly wanted each and every one of these eye shadows, so picking through them was pretty difficult. Sandworm is described as a silvery-grey, but I'm pulling more of a golden toned grey. In certain lighting this can come across as a transparent shimmer.

Melancholy isn't a shade I was too impressed with. It is very bronzy, and I felt the need to pack it on when I swatched it. I'm not saying I wouldn't use it, because I would and probably will. I just feel like I've seen it before and could have lived without it.

King Kong is a shade from the Oh The Horror collection, and one of the reasons I came across DG Cosmetics in the first place. Once I saw this color, I was in for the long run. I even contemplated getting a full size because of the beautiful highlights and duo-chrome. Although my pictures seem disappointing, I need to give this shadow another chance before I judge it's ability. At first, it seems like a let down along with Laura Geller's Mystic Sea. This shadow could have potential with the correct mixing medium.

This next shade is one I could see myself repurchasing in the future. Getting into the Charmed collection was a tough situation for me. I almost swapped this for Woogy, but eventually Love's A Witch won me over. I am a sucker for pink metals and this is exactly how I would describe this Halliwell of a shade. Instead of a rose gold, I like to refer to this color as a rose bronze. It only makes sense that the word love is in the name of this beauty.

Alas, why we are all here today. I present to you, Frankenstein. This eyeshadow is perfectly named. As Frank, this product can be seen in many different lights. While the main tones hint towards copper, it has the ability to become a much deeper and darker color if the light is right. I didn't adjust my swatch of this eyeshadow because I love how this can be portrayed. Transitioning from your lid to your crease, this shadow would stunningly fade from copper to a deep bark.

I cannot even begin to describe Miss Argentina. I am so in love with this eyeshadow, I cannot wait to get my hands on a full size. Not only is this a reference to one of my favorite characters, from one of my favorite movies, but it is flawless. This is a creamy mint/teal with almost a pastel pink undertone and I... ugh, it's so unbelievable. It has the perfect amount of shimmer and reflects amazingness all over the place. I want this on my face 24/7.

Overall, I would give DG Cosmetics an 10 out of 10! Finding a business that runs so smoothly on such a small level is an achievement on it's own. Finding all of that and great products? That is all a girl could ask for. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone looking for some unique and exquisite shadows, and I plan to continue doing business with Darling Girl again.


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