Friday, April 4, 2014

Battle Of The Primers • EyesLipsFace

Not willing to pay high end prices for a base that will never be seen? Step into my office.

This week, I will be comparing ELF's two eye primers. One is from the Essential line running at $1.00, the other is a $3.00 studio product. 

I have tried both products with light eye looks as well as heavy, and there is quite the difference. 
While the primers I have are both in Sheer, they have completely different shades. The mineral primer is a cool toned tan & the essential is a bit warmer. I've also noticed quite the texture difference. They both apply smoothly and with ease, but the cheaper product feels a bit thinner and possibly more of a water-based product. 
Enough with the shading differences. It's not like you're going to see these products in your finished look. I've blended out each swatch as I would to my eyelids & they easily melt with your skin. The mineral leaves the slightest hint of color. If you're darker than I am, I would make sure to blend well. 
Next, I applied possibly the hardest shade to pull off. I swiped two fingertips across the shadow & pressed the black into each area with my finger. 
After letting everything settle, I rubbed my fingertip across each swatch to see how well the color stayed. 

Overall, I would recommend the mineral eyeshadow primer. The consistency is quite better than ELF's essential primer and it has longer wear. I've never had my makeup crease with the $3.00 version & can't say the same for the cheaper tube. 

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