Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY Iridescent Lip Color • Revlon Lip Butters

I came across this eye catching lip randomly the other day. I was looking through my makeup and found quite a few beautiful products I never reach for anymore. Let's talk Lip Butters.

Revlon's Lip Butter in Sweet Tart
My first and only purchase from the Lip Butter collection wasn't as I expected. The color is pretty but as far as comfort, I prefer something a little less sticky. I find Lip Butters to be more of a gloss than a moisturizing pop of color that I wanted. Bring in the eyeshadow! 

ELF's Baked Eyeshadow in Pixie
This is one of my favorite eyeshadows but it sadly gets pushed to the back of my drawer due to it's single form. I've found this gorgeous pink to be quite dupable of higher end products I refuse to repurchase and wish I'd grab for it more. With that being said, I really could see this becoming a gorgeous lipstick one day. Hint hint, eyeslipsface! I struck gold when applying it on top of my sticky love.

Pixie pressed on top of Sweet Tart 
Not only did I solve my 'I hate tacky lip products' issue when applying the eyeshadow, but it gave me such a beautiful look. Due to the eyeshadow being baked, it picks up so many different colors in it's shimmery-sheen. Of course, eyeshadow is meant for the eyes. However, I did get a couple of hours out of this lip look. I can see it being very bold and eye catching this summer. 

Feel free to let me know what you think and please send pictures if you try this out. 

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