Tuesday, April 22, 2014

IT Cosmetics • Naturally Pretty Palette Exploring

This palette is available for purchase at ulta.com for $42.00.

In this post, I will be going through each eyeshadow name but placing the names with drugstore eyeshadows I think can make due. Not every eyeshadow is an exact dupe nor do I mention every eyeshadow.

The following blog post is not swatch heavy and is more of a "if you have this, you don't really need that" type of deal. Of course, you can never tell a girl she doesn't need makeup. 

Sheer Joy is pretty close in comparison with the Base shadow in Wet N Wild's 395A The Naked Truth

Soft Light is on point with the lightest tan shadow in ELF's 30403 Brown Get The Eye Look Trio.

Warmth was a tough one to find a dupe for, but the Eyelid shadow in Wet N Wild's 34355 Walking The Red Carpet is a nice replacement. 

Soulful is one of my favorite shades and the red in ELF's 208152 Blue Eyes 2 gives a slightly warmer tone. 

Mocha is a beautiful slightly bronzed brown and I feel it can be easily duped by ELF's Single Pan in Moondust.

Violet was a shadow that I actually do not have anything like. While Wet N Wild's Crease in 34052 Going In The Wild is a nice compromise, it's not exact.

Midnight is another shadow that I found easily dupable. ELF's Single Pan in Navy hits the nail on the head.

Noir is your everyday satin charcoal and I feel like this can be replaced and duped tenfold. However, the closest I have is the Definer in Wet N Wild's 737A Poster Child

Love is such a pretty peach & I do not seem to own anything like it. However, I can achieve this shadow by blending the Browbone & Eyelid shadows in Wet N Wild's 738 Comfort Zone.

Sunrise takes us back to ELF's 208152 Blue Eyes 2 with the orange shadow in that palette. 

Sunset is a warmer toned version of Wet N Wild's Crease in 737A Poster Child.

All Heart is slightly unique but the Eyelid eyeshadow in Wet N Wild's 34051 Nude Awakening is a great replacement. 

Java is a nice brown that I want to be burgundy and with that I pair my ELF Single Shadow in Raspberry Truffle.

Last, but not least... 
Iconic, this wasn't a head on dupe. BH Cosmetics Single Pan in MM06 is pretty close and blends out just as nicely. 

That's all I have for you beauties today. Thank you so much for taking the time to read through another blog post. I just thought this would be a nice change from the same old swatch and review. I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out my Spring Giveaway before you leave! 

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