Saturday, April 12, 2014

Let's Talk Color Correction • ELF Corrective Products

Recently I've decided to give ELF another shot in the concealer department. While I haven't had the best luck with their 'skin tone' concealers, I have heard mixed reviews on their color correctors. 

Along with a few other loves, I picked up their HD Lifting Concealer in Adjusting & their Tone Correcting Powder in Cool. Each of these are available at for $3.00 each.

When it comes to concealing, my main issue is redness. As you can see, I went for the green tinted product. ELF also carries 2 other lifting tones along with 3 skin toned concealers. 

After using each product alone & along with other daily face products, I have to sadly admit that I'm not impressed. 

HD Lifting Concealer • Adjusting ☆☆
I love the practical packaging of the Lifting Concealer and it does blend out nicely for a green product. Did I notice much of my redness being covered up or cancelled out? Not really. I still ended up using another concealer to completely get the job done. 

Tone Correcting Powder • Cool 
You would think this would be a more practical purchase seeing how you get four coverage options rather than a single tone. You would think. I've heard a review or two about this particular product and it was time I put all of the back and forth feedback to the test. This powder did nothing as far as correcting goes. Whether you apply all four shades or press on one, you get the same translucent dusting. I am very upset with this outcome but I must say, it will be used as a setting powder. 

Like many have said before me, eyeslipsface is touch and go. When it comes to cheap makeup, you either hit or miss. In this case, I've sadly missed. 

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