Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning & Products To Avoid

Since cleaning never seems to reach my makeup collection, I figured during Spring Cleaning I would put an effort in. A few of these products were hard to let go of, while some others were happily tossed. 

The Color Workshop is an old drugstore makeup brand & I'm not quite sure if you can still come across their products. I don't even want to get into how old this Shimmer Powder is, but it's time has come. The powder has begun to outshine its shimmer and I just don't have room for this pod that seems to be never ending. 

Wet N Wild's New Coverall is another product I never wanted to see go. I purchased this powder about 6 days ago and one morning it just crumbled. I guess that shows you how fine the powder really was. I'll have to let this one go with a tissue full of tears. 

ELF's Lip Exfoliator is kind of like that co-worker that you aren't friends with, but have to occasionally deal with. I've never really jumped onto the 'brown sugar scrub' bandwagon, and there was a reason. I hate the smell of this product and I feel like its way too abrasive for my lips. The heat basically gave me a reason to throw this away (as you can see it melted) and I'm not losing sleep over it.

Last and least, we have KLEANCOLOR'S fantastic tube of cough syrup. This lipstick is swatched on the website as a creamy deep red and it pulls none of the above. It's almost the same shade as the printed brand name on the package, but sheer. It never sets on your lips, bleeds and transfers onto everything. I honestly believe I would get better payoff with a candy lipstick. Do they still make those? I want one...

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