Saturday, May 3, 2014

MAC Extended Play Mascara Dupe

Ask and you shall receive. I am back at it with the mascara duping. 

To make things run smoother and easier for everyone, I've decided to make my "layout" more of a to-the-point description.

•• What Both Products Give ••
No smudging 
Separates lashes
No clumping 
Only comes in Black
Not a whole lot of length 
Tends to be dry 
Formed tip for inner-corner lashes

•• Only MAC Gives •• 
$16.00 Retail
Pointed tip
0.19 oz

•• Only ELF Gives ••
$3.00 Retail
Flat tip
0.23 oz

Overall, I would say these are quite dupable. Obviously, the packaging is different for each and I believe the formulation slightly differentiates. MAC brags about their version lasting "smudge-free" for 16 hours... I wouldn't say that for either of them. All in all, if you wanna save a few bucks, why not choose to shop with EyesLipsFace? 

I hope you all enjoyed this comparison and got what you wanted out of it. Let me know your thoughts on the two products if you've used either. 

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