Thursday, May 15, 2014

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Deodorant Review

Have your eyes on a stronger deodorant for summer? Let me tell you a secret...

Today, I have a product with quite the claim of a package. We have a "Clinical Strength", 100% Confidence Guaranteed, Invisible Solid Antiperspirant. Yeah. 

I find this review comes easiest by just breaking down the packaging. Right off the bat, Secret is; for the most part, a trusted brand in my eyes. It's a brand that I've used since I was a pre-teen and then some. This is what really drew me in. 

Clinical Strength; who really knows. I've never had an experience with a prescribed deodorant so... How would I know? 

100% Confidence Guaranteed; Oh, so I can return this? Yeah, if you want to pay shipping which will most likely be more than the actual product cost of $7.99. Did I mention you'll have to wait 6-8 weeks for that eight bucks? 

Invisible Solid; this is not! I've had multiple incidents with this leaving embarrassing marks on tops. I'm pretty confident that I have better outcomes with deodorants that don't even claim to be invisible. 

Goes on Dry & Stays Dry... What? I'm pretty sure no solid deodorant out there goes on dry. Your underarm is one of the warmest nooks of your body, therefore naturally warming up the solid deodorant so that it can be absorbed and create a barrier. It does NOT go on dry, nor does it stay dry. It also claims to "reduce underarm wetness" which, again... does not happen. 

Overall, the deodorant's smell is really the only thing that really helps. Applying this will give your underarms a nice and clean smell for about 6-10 hours. (Depending on what you're doing.) In no way does it keep your underarms dry or last "48 hours" like the box also claims. 

For eight bucks, I could purchase three deodorants that not only work better, but give me more product. I will not repurchase this and would not advise purchasing. 

Side Note; this product also directs you to "APPLY AT BEDTIME; TO UNDERARMS ONLY". What the actual f--

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