Wednesday, May 14, 2014

theBalm Cosmetics Nude Tude Palette • Review & Swatches

Last week, theBalm Cosmetics had a Flash Sale and I decided to take my turn experiencing this growing brand. Let's dig in to this popular palette.

The palette comes in two different packages. The Nice Palette takes the palettes outside cover and shows a slightly different version overlaying the shadows. Obviously, I got The Naughty Palette; which shows the "nude" ladies overlaying the shadows. 

The first three ladies show the warmer and lighter side of the palette. 

Sassy & Snobby are extremely shimmery and almost have the consistency of ELF's Prism Eye Shadows. Stubborn & Stand-Offish are gorgeous pinks. Stubborn is a bit more satin and pink, while Stand-Offish is the more shimmer based of the two. Selfish & Sultry are two very different browns. Selfish is a shimmer that is a bit cooler and sits on a fine line of taupe. Sultry is a matte brown that is very warm with a slight yellow undertone. 

The next three nude ladies deal out much deeper colors. 

Sophisticated & Seductive are shimmery shadows with a touch of glitter. Sophisticated sticks as a brown with gold bits, and Seductive is the opposite. Sexy & Silly are very plum based shades. Sexy is a matte wine and Silly deals with the shimmery and mauve toned side of the duo. Lastly, we have Serious & Sleek. Both of these are mattes; Serious is a black sort of charcoal, and Sleek is a nice chocolate brown. 

Overall, I'm not in love with this palette. I was mostly looking forward to the mattes and Stubborn when I purchased it. 

The matte eye shadows are very powdery and come across a bit dry. It takes a lot of work to blend them and you have to be super careful with your placement. My issue with Stubborn is that it falls out like crazy. Again, it seems to come across as dry; which is sad considering it's not even matte. 

I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I can see myself using this, just not certain colors. You would also need some lighter mattes (or at least, I would) if you wanted to do a complete look. The blending shadows are bit too shimmery and the mattes are all dark. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this, and I wouldn't repurchase this if I ever hit pan. 

Due to the fact that I'm not a fan of Nude Tude, I decided to put my Balm Jovi Palette up for sale in my eBay store. It has similar shades and more mattes to choose from, but it's just something I bought on a whim and wasn't excited about when I actually got it. The palette has never been touched and can be found here. I ship using eBay's Global Shipping Program (USA & INTL SHIPPING) and always include free shipping insurance. 

I used a combination of Stubborn & Stand-Offish on the lid, and blended Sexy into my crease.

Again, this look could use a little less shimmer and I wish they had included some lighter mattes for blending, but what can you do? 

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this palette or anything else I might wanna try from theBalm. Comment below or head over to my home page for all of my social links.

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