Monday, May 12, 2014

Drugstore Lipstick Haul

Over Mother's Day, I gifted my mom with some of her favorite makeup products.

With all said and done, she ended up "cleaning" her makeup and had so many pink lipsticks she no longer wanted. Uhh, yes please. 

As you can see, there is a trend to just what shades my mother loves wearing. She's always had a thing for bright pinks and I guess you can say she's passed that on.

LA Colors • All N One
This jumbo crayon like lipstick didn't have any sort of number or name to it. The flash is washing out a little bit of pigment but completely showing off the sheen of the product. 

Jesse's Girl • Bubble Yum
This lipstick is bright and purely cream. The bullet itself shows just how glossy this color can be and it really shines to appear even brighter. 

Revlon's Matte • Stormy Pink
This shade is basically the matte version of Bubble Yum, but it is a bit more sheer. It also seems to come across more of a berry than blue based pink.

Covergirl • Pink Chic
This is a light and subtle pink with loads of shimmer, if there was ever such a thing as subtle shimmer. 

NYC • Petal
This lipstick is the younger sister to Pink Chic. It is a bit more sheer and packs a deeper undertone. 

Wet N Wild • 505A
This is the most amazing blue based fuchsia pink. It has the subtlest micro sheen of blue and the pigmentation of the pink is outstanding. 

Wet N Wild • Retro Pink
This is the deepest of the bunch and has a little less shimmer than the other Wet N Wild shade. 

Above, I have the swatches lined up with their MAC dupes. I've compared these to the best of my ability based off of finish, color and product type. I almost duped the NYC & Covergirl lipstick, but they have very slight differences. 

You can find all of my MAC Dupes by clicking here

I hope you all enjoyed this, and feel free to let me know your thoughts on any of these products.

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