Friday, June 20, 2014

Beauty Products To Use Up: Make-Up For Summer 2014

Heads off to Kristin Gehm for this idea. The base of this post will be products I want to use this summer.

Due to the fact that I've built my makeup collection quite quickly, I am constantly ignoring 85% of my makeup. For the summer season I've gone through my collection and pulled basics along with some items I really want to use more. 

• Face Products • 
I try to avoid too many face products in the summer. If I use any full coverage it's got to be my BB Cream by EyesLipsFace. Before applying that; or just on its own, I like to use some type of Cortizone cream or maximum moisture lotion. If my day requires BB Cream, I'll also apply some Under Eye Primer beforehand. My go to contouring powder is ELF's Clarifying Pressed Powder in Toffee. It's a matte chocolate and blends beautifully with my skin tone. To top everything off I'll apply a touch of Tone Correcting Powder to my T Zone and Pebble eyeshadow to my eyebrows if I see need. 

• Lip Products •
I'm not always in the mood for a bright lipstick, but I like to give myself that option. I've kept out a few favorites like my Runway Pink, Posh & Classy by EyesLipsFace. I also pulled a couple of their Lip Gloss Sticks and Matte Lipsticks in attempt to use them more. Finally, my two favorite pinks at the moment had to be in the mix. I cannot get over Bubble Yum by Jesse's Girl Cosmetics, and Revlon's Stormy Pink is a wonderful matte version. Need I mention the Chapstick? A summer Must Have! I always carry at least two on my person.

• Palettes • 
This was probably the hardest group to pull together. I have no issue pulling hidden palettes out, but putting many to the side was difficult. As much as I love my Prism Palettes by EyesLipsFace, I have been neglecting them. The summertime is the perfect setting for these amazing shadows and they deserve to shine. Alongside those, I couldn't put away my top 3 Wet N Wild 8-Pans or my Balm Jovi palette. I'm not much for the shadows, but the luminizer is to die for! 

That's it! Aside from my black and coffee coal liner and a couple of brushes, I hope to get some use out of these products this summer. Feel free to tell me what you're looking to use up, or a product you must have for summer below! 

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