Friday, June 20, 2014

Makeup Brushes You Shouldn't Live Without

These brushes are grabbed at least once a day... What would I do without them?

This brush is perfect for any cream product you have. From BB Creams to Creme Blush, this is your brush. Thanks to it's mini me size compared to ELF's Original Stipple Brush you're able to be precise and blend with more control.

This is unlike any smudge brush I've tried. It's actually made out of fibers rather than a sponge-like material you find with most smudgers. It's short and dense for easy blending and it packs on color very well.  

Looking for a soft and worth it Total Face Brush? Stop here. For only $3.00 you get a shockingly soft brush that is perfect for all over powder, and nice for angled applications as well. The brush's pinched ferrel allows flexibility with its use. Whether for all over or reaching the deep contour of your cheeks, it does it all. 

I've mentioned this many times and it's safe to say I am in deep lust with this brush. I haven't put it to use as far as concealer goes, but it makes for a outstanding crease brush. ELF's Flawless brush is a must-have for hooded eyes. 

What makeup brushes do you swear by? Let me know below or tweet me @amyeruppert

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