Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Camp Cosmetics Alternative Eyeshadow • Kristin Gehm Inspired

Today one of my favorite beauty bloggers reviewed and swatched products from a company I've been dying to hear more about. 
Kristin's video can be found here.

Along the way, her swatches kept bringing up one palette of mine in particular. After a few more swatches, I realized there are many look alike shadows in Wet N Wild's Comfort Zone palette. 

The left side of the 8 pan palette gives off slightly different shades in the palette, but the swatches seem almost identical! 

The right side is a little more miss than hit. Dusted; or Browbone, is the most dead on shadow followed by Banshee and an alright this-or-that version of Educated. 

Most of you know that I love saving money and part of that includes shopping my collection before I purchase similar shades. I have nothing against this company nor have I ever tried their products. These dupes are based off of a video swatch-fest and the brand offers many more stunning products to choose from. 

Camp Cosmetics is an independent company and can be purchased over the phone or via email. For more, visit www.campcosmetics.com!

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