Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Battle Of The Primers • Drugstore VS Smashbox

I'm back at it trying to save everyone a little cash. When it comes to primers, I disagree with spending a bunch on product you never see.

EyesLipsFace rarely disappoints me and after a few fails lately, I needed my hope to be restored. Their new Hydrating Under Eye Primer comes in their known sleek packaging with a pump. The product itself is almost lotion-like and isn't oily in the least. Thanks to this, it soaks in well and prevents any makeup placed under the eye from creasing throughout your day. To see a full review of this product; click here.

I found Smashbox's to be a bit greasy for an under eye primer. It's easy to use too much of this product and that defeats the purpose. The only positive I've found with this primer is that it claims to help your skin overtime. Though I have yet to see it, this is one thing EyesLipsFace fails to offer. For a higher end product, I was disappointed. 

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I would rather spend $3.00 on something I enjoy, than blowing another $26.00 on a product that is hit and miss. Skip the label with this product and purchase something a bit more practical. 

*EyesLipsFace does not currently list this item for sale. For more information on where to find this, check out my blog for stocking inquiries.

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