Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Packing Light • Going Through My Summer Travel Bag

Having loads of makeup can become overwhelming come travel season. Find out what I held onto and decided to leave behind this summer. 

• Curious Perfume
• Dove Deodorant 
• Mist N Set: EyesLipsFace has a wonderful setting spray full of vitamins and all around great things for your skin. I spritz this before and after I apply makeup. 

• Tone Powder - Cool
• Vaseline Lip Therapy
• Red Lip Gloss
• 'Your Lips, But Better' Lipstick 
• Bronzer
• Concealer
• Eyeshadow Palette: My new found love comes from EyesLipsFace in a compact yet full spread palette. You can view my full review here.

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