Monday, July 14, 2014

Too Faced Rock N Roll Rock Candy Eyeshadow Collection • Swatches & First Impression

Too Faced has once again made their mark on YouTube. I've been seeing nothing but reviews & swatches of their new palettes; Rock N Roll & Country, these past few days.

Rock N Roll caught my eye over the two releases, and I wasn't able to put my finger on why I found this familiar. So, I kept watching reviews... and swatches... and reviews... 

Finally, it hit me! The lovely EmilyNoel83 made me realize where I had seen this layout before.

EyesLipsFace offers $10.00 palettes of 6 beautifully pigmented & creamy shades. At last, I knew where I could pull punky purples, blues & greens from! ELF's Prism Palette in Smoke offers you a pretty great alternative to the Too Faced collection.

While it does lack the three base tones; and you'll settle for white instead of gold, this palette is a great money saver that can create the same looks with a few odds and ends. Let's be honest, you already have a few blending colors in your collection. 

Amount saved: $26-$31.

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