Sunday, August 3, 2014


After receiving a free sample to test out, I was quite curious as to how much this new product could benefit my skin. 

For only $8.00, this scrub is slowly but surely becoming a staple in my skin care routine. While it is made for more of an oily complexion, I find it works well with my dry to combo skin. It makes my skin feel completely breathable and freshly cleaned. 

This product is said to be a Customized Cleansing Gel Exfoliator. It contains micro beads that deeply cleanse skin, tighten pores and smooth the applied area. This specific formula is infused with Charcoal and Salicylic Acid which draws out blackhead causing dirt, oil and impurities, like a magnet.

In just one use, you should see smoother skin and unclogged pores. Over time pores are diminished and complexion is clear. With an 86% success rate, I'd give this a shot any day. 

I enjoy using this product in the morning rather than night time. After washing my face with warm water, I apply a dime sized amount of product in my fingertips and begin gently scrubbing it along my face concentrating on problem areas. (i.e. t-zone)

After making sure to work it into my pores, I rinse and blot my face dry. I feel that using this gives my a smoother application or daily moisturizer, sunscreen or even foundation. Due to my skin being more on the dry side, I skip every other day when using this product. I also have very sensitive skin and have yet to notice any irritations or abrasive issues.

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