Monday, September 1, 2014

Wet N Wild Lipstick • Swatches, Review & High End Dupes?

As far as 'matte' goes, Wet N Wild doesn't exactly have it down.
While the texture begs to differ, these lipsticks come off natural if not with a little bit of shine. I paired them next to the creamiest lipstick I own, and can find little difference in the appearance. 

On the other hand, these aren't the best to apply. Like stated above, they have that dragging ‘I'm A Matte Lipstick’ application to them. Sugar Plum Fairy must be applied over smooth or treated lips for pleasant wear. I haven't noticed too much bleeding or clinging with Pagan Angel, but the latter definitely accentuates your dry or problem areas. 

I'm also not too fond of the rounded bullets. When it comes to lipstick; especially bold shades, I very much enjoy the tapered edge of each bullet. A lip brush may be key with this formulation and I shall get back to you on how that works out.

Overall, I'll use them. They're nothing to ignore just because they cause a bit of fuss. I wouldn't pay more than the low cost of WNW for them, but I'll use them.

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