Sunday, March 27, 2016

How I Get Rid Of Acne • My Night Time Routine

Wash Hands
I use any anti-bacterial soap and make sure to get any dirt that has gotten underneath my nails during the day. 

Use Makeup Removing Wipes
My current favorite are from Big Lots and only cost $1.00; Epielle Aloe Vera Wipes.

Apply Proactiv Scrub
I dampen my skin and use step one of the Proactiv + treatment without washing it off just yet.

Brush Teeth
My favorite toothpaste is Crest Pro Health Whitening. It does so many things along with whitening and is gentle on my sensitive teeth. 

Scrub & Rinse
After rinsing my mouth, I scrub my exfoliator a little more and rinse it off.  

Apply Spot Treatment
I've been loving the ELF Acne Spot Treatment for touch ups after washing my face.

I use Step 3 from Proactiv + but I also love Vaselines Intensive Care Essential Healing cream. 

Brush Hair
Last but not least, I brush my hair out and usually tie it up in a top knot. 

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