Saturday, March 22, 2014

BH Cosmetics • Review & Swatches

This blog post is going to be an in depth review of my first purchase with BH Cosmetics.

As I talk about each product, I will post a link for you to click on so you can purchase these yourselves. The price next to each product may be different, but it is posted to show you all what I paid at the time.

Again, this is my first experience with BH Cosmetics. Somehow I came across an old xSparkage post from her haul & I had to check out some of the bright shadows. Upon entering the website, I noticed they were (and possibly still are) having a huge Spring Sale. All of the products picture above added up to less than $7.00! 

Let's begin with the single eye shadow pans: Purchase Here $0.98 ea.
Warm Matte 06 - This eye shadow is a bright coral and quite satin for a matte listing. I had trouble getting this to transfer from pan to brush. I really had to dig with my fingertip in order to get any product out of the pan. 
Warm Matte 20 - This eye shadow is a neon pink and perfectly matte. The color comes across as borderline magenta in photos, but is a blinding pink in person. The shadow was a bit powdery, but blended and transferred from pan with ease. 
Metallic Matte 06 - This eye shadow photographs with purple undertones, yet looks chocolate in pan and on the skin. I had the same issue with this product as I explained with the first eye shadow, and it's not matte at all. 
Cool Matte 15 - This eye shadow is f--king amazing. It is a bright neon turquoise that blends wonders. This shade is alike WM 20 in the powder department, yet can blend to a slight satin finish. 

Overall, I am upset with the two pans that refuse to transfer. I emailed customer service about the dilemma & received a notice that it could take 3-4 business days before I hear back from them. That just seems ridiculous. 48 hours later I received an email saying my order had shipped. While they never responded to me, I think they sent out replacements. On the other hand, I am more excited than ever for spring and summer. I predict the two eye shadows that did work will be gone by the time summer begins. LOVE!

BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation (Light Olive): Purchase Here $2.80
Top: My Everyday Cover Up ; Bottom: Light Olive Foundation
I swatched the foundation below my everyday cover up that fits my skin tone perfectly. As you may be able to tell, I have a pale neutral skin tone that is on the fence of cool toned. BH Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Light Olive is their lightest shade and is a warm toned product. While the shade isn't fitting for me; applied with powder and bronzer, it's not too noticeable when applied. Once I lay out in the summer, it may be more fitting. My only true flaw with this product is it's coverage. It is very light coverage as far as my foundation expectation goes, and I am pretty sure I own a BB Cream that has more coverage. For less than $3.00 I'm not upset with the product, but I will most likely not repurchase this. 

Overall, I'm not impressed with BH Cosmetics. Having to possibly wait four days for any kind of customer service is just unbelievable. 

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