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ELF Haul • Review & Swatches

ELF was having a %50 Off New & Best Sellers, so I took advantage to try out a lot of products. I will first go through each new product I've tried, and then comment on things I have repurchased due to loving them to death. As you can see above, I saved a huge chunk of cash and only spent about $2.00 a product.


Smudge Pots - LOVE 'EM
One of their newest eye products; the smudge pots. These are a part of the essential line and will run you $2.00 per pot. These are a cross between the cream & long-lasting lustrous eye shadows. They aren't completely cream nor mousse, but a little bit of both. The smudge pots are described as a smooth gel, but they are super creamy and light. Depending on the shade you choose, these can be used as an eye shadow, a base, a liner or even a highlight. After you've applied the product, the cream is pretty quick to dry insuring long wear. 

Pressed Mineral Blush - LIKE 'EM
I think this is my first official mineral product from ELF and it's not a bad one. I tend to overlook the Mineral line because it is one of the pricier selections. These single pressed blushes will run you $5.00 per shade. As someone with sensitive skin, I do love that these are all natural powders. The formulation doesn't seem to be different from their studio duo blushes, but they are nice to blend and give off a nice bit of color. I purchased Cabo Cabana; a bright coral, and it doesn't really go with my skin tone. As I said, it does have nice color pay off, I just don't really notice it with all of my other face products & it really doesn't 'enhance' anything like it claims. 

EX-tra Lip Gloss - LOVE 'EM
As a proud hater of ELF's hyper-shine lip gloss, I wasn't sure how I would enjoy these. However, the essential line leaves room for the hit and miss aspect of ELF products. At $2.00 a tube, these glosses give back what you pay for. They are not in any way sticky or goopy lip glosses. In actuality, these seem almost water based. I wouldn't say they are creamy glosses, but they do glide on nicely and give off quite a bit of moisture. They tend to apply a bit sheer, but not overly sheer for a lip gloss. My only flaw with these are their wear. You may get an hour or two before you need to reapply, but they do not set or stay in place by any means... nor do they claim to. I own Joe & Scott (hah, I own them) and probably will purchase other shades in the future. 

Crystalline Total Face Brush - HATE 'EM
If I wanted another Essential Face Brush I would have purchased one. With this brush costing $5.00 at full price, I expected so much more. You're paying for the look, and that is that. I own the Crystalline Travel Set and I love the brushes so much. They remind me of the studio line and apparently that is not the case with all of these. I will never repurchase and most likely will not use this. It's super scratchy and falls out like crazy.

Studio Flawless Concealer Brush - LOVE 'EM
I am in love with this brush. How many things have I fallen in love with in this post? I purchased this brush hoping it would be a cheaper alternative to the big, fluffy brush that Real Techniques offers. Of course, I do not actually have that brush to compare it to, but I no longer care. This is a bit smaller than ELF's Small Stipple Brush and it's super soft and easy to work with. I love this for blending out my eyeshadow and popping cute colors under my brow bone. Knowing me, I will probably have at least three of these by the end of the year.

Matte Lip Color - LOVE 'EM
I am obsessed with my Natural Matte Lipstick from ELF, so of course I purchased another. This shade is slightly pinker than my first choice and has more of a matte finish to it. I really hope there are more shades released down the line. I want them all! $3.00 or less for a huge amount of good quality product and a built in sharpener in the bottom is more than I could ask for. 

Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick - LIKE 'EM
I've personally never owned one of these just yet. I have bought different colors for friends and family with not such great feedback. For only $2.00, I was very happy to find out these Eyeshadow Sticks are nothing like the Jumbo Eyeliners ELF offers. The only flaw I have with this is the pressure you need to apply. This could be creamier and easier to spread for an eye product. 

Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick - LOVE 'EM
I am extremely upset with my swatches of this particular product. I love this Lip Gloss Stick. I own one in Pink Umbrellas and couldn't be happier with the quality. Looking for a bit of a deeper color come summer, I looked into Movie Star and fell in love. Applying this is so much smoother than Pink Umbrellas because there isn't any shimmer in the product itself. The color is brighter than expected for a gloss and lasts a couple of hours. While you may need to re-apply, this $2.00 lip gloss fades to a nice matte cherry stain I fall in love with each time. 

Single Eyeshadow (Studio & Essential) - LOVE 'EM
The only two single eye shadows I hauled this time around. Tropical Teal is a gorgeous pigment that has a hint of glitter that fades to a nice golden shimmer when applied to the skin. This is from the Studio Line and runs you $3.00. The latter is an Essential pan in the shade Moondust. I was recommended this color and so happy I purchased it. While I have many brown/taupe eye shadows, it gives of a little something extra when it's worn. Very nice for only $1.00. 

Lip Stain & Gloss - HATE 'EM
I do not like this product, I am not a fan nor do I feel like a lucky lady. I was on the fence when I saw these stains came with a gloss side, and now I know why. The stain itself is no such thing. It applies like a lip gloss and takes at least 15-20 minutes to dry. Upon drying, I felt the color bleed almost immediately. It's almost the same consistency as ELF's new EXtra Lip Glosses, but more watery. I will not be repurchasing one of these and will most likely throw the Lucky Lady and it's $3.00 in the bin.

Prism Eyeshadow Palette - LOVE 'EM
Ah, finally. One of my favorite grabs in the haul. I fell fast and hard for ELF's Prism Palettes upon my first swatch. I had to get another, and I will get the smoke eventually. The eye shadows are super pigmented, very fine and almost cream like. These apply like a dream and I wish all eye shadows were like these. While their Naked palette is great for any season, I thought Sunset was a steal I needed for Summer 2014. I would pay the full price of $10.00 for each of these palettes, but that is the nice thing about ELF. No matter the low prices they list their products, they always have promotions going on. LOVE IT! 

Mineral Eyeshadow Primer - LIKE 'EM
I don't hate it, I don't love it. This product works as good as any $3.00 primer should. I've noticed it does keep basic eyes from creasing throughout the day. I haven't tried it on anything too extreme just yet. As far as making your eye shadow last longer or stay in place, it doesn't really do anything. It's a nice base, and I have not had my eyes crease any time I've applied it beforehand. I probably won't purchase this product again before I try the essential one, but it's not terrible.

Moisturizing Lipstick - LIKE 'EM
Ahh, ELF Lipstick... I love these. It's so nice to find great colors at such a cheap price. The moisturizing lipstick is a part of the Studio Line and will run you $3.00 a pop. ELF has quite the selection when it comes to lipstick. They have five different lipstick lines with slightly similar yet different, eye popping shades and textures. Once I went through and picked my favorite Essential Lipstick shades, I began to move up the ladder. Honestly, I don't really notice any difference in the formulation of the Studio Moisturizing line. Besides the nicer packaging and different color selection, there's not much of a change. The lipsticks aren't drying or uncomfortable to wear, I just don't notice the difference as far as a moisturizing labeled lipstick. 

Studio BB Cream - LOVE 'EM
I have talked so much about my love for ELF's BB Cream. Not only on my blog, but to all of my girlfriends. It's such a perfect consistency and the shade match is right on. It really goes above and beyond for a BB Cream and I wouldn't change a thing about it. I went ahead and purchased two more bottles of this in preparation for warmer weather. Of course, I would pay the original $6.00 for this, but getting two for the price of one is pretty sweet. 

Translucent Matifying Powder - LIKE 'EM
I bet you're wondering why I only 'like' this product and yet repurchased it. The powder itself is awesome. It does exactly what a matifying powder should do. It doesn't come across as cakey or give off any odd color. My problem is with the packaging. I will never pay $3.00 for this. Of course, I will repurchase it... when there is another sale. While three bucks isn't a horrible price, it's not thought out at all. The powder comes in the same exact packaging as their bronzer & blush duos, yet it only gives you product in one pan. If I pay $3.00 for a blush pan and bronzer pan, why should I get two pans of product with this? I really hope they rethink the packaging in the future.

Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths - LOVE 'EM
YES. These makeup remover wipes are my favorite. While the texture of the wipe itself is a bit catchy, it removes my full face of makeup with ease and leaves it feeling moisturized. As someone with very sensitive skin, it can be a difficult task to find cleansers of any type that will work. I have never felt any burning, or broken out using these wipes and will continue purchasing them at their very affordable $3.00. 

It's safe to say, I am good for a while... or until releases their new line of summer products. 

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