Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poster Child • Review & Swatches

Wet N Wild Color Icon Collection • Poster Child

This is possibly my favorite Color Icon Palette in the entire collection. There is no sign of glitter & only one satin finish amongst the matte shades. 

Brow bone • I love it when Wet N Wild provides a pigmented shadow for the brow bone. It's not too bright to where it wouldn't work as a highlight, but there is enough color to get another use out of this by using it as a lid color.
Eyelid • This is the only pan that I wasn't too sure about. I'm not too keen on peachy based pinks that blend matte, but this works.
Crease • My apologies for the misinterpreting photograph. This crease shade is so pretty in person. It gives you a matte coral with the perfect touch of salmon.
Definer • I would've enjoyed seeing a deep mauve-magenta for a definer rather than another black shadow. It works well with the pinks, but I've seen it before.
Brow bone • This is another pan I had trouble with. I've been noticing; more often than not, eye shadow doesn't want to budge from it's pan. Even when I did get a bit of pigment, it wasn't too great for a highlight... let alone a shadow.
Eyelid • Seafoam green has never looked better. While this seems to have a bit of satin, it blends matte. The consistency is a little bit powdery and the longevity of the color isn't fantastic, but I'd like to try this with a base. 
Crease • I am so in love with this eye shadow! I wish it would work properly, but it would rather fallout like crazy. You're barely left with a blue undertone. 
Definer • Finally, a deep shadow that isn't black. This is the only eye shadow from the right that isn't disappointing. Of course, while you are happy with the color payoff, you are left with a stain at the end of the day. 

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