Friday, March 28, 2014

MAC Eyeshadow Dupes (14 for $1.00) Save At Least $120.00 Rainbow & Pigment Palette

The newest edition to my list of dupes comes from If you would like to see a post about my entire makeup haul, click here. To see a post of every MAC dupe I have ever done, click here.
With this Miss Sunshine Palette from KLEANCOLOR, you receive a rainbow of 12 eye shadows, a matte white and a matte black. There is also a glitter version available on Shop Miss A's website.

Your first three shadows consist of a satin lemon rind yellow that is perfectly paired with MAC's Lemon Tart, a ripe peach orange which seems to have a slight shimmer against MAC's Motif, and a burnt fruit punch that attracts warmth like MAC's Magnetic Attraction
Next, you have a wonderful trio of pink toned purples. The lightest; and pinker of the bunch, is a sheen light pink that reminds me too much of MAC's Kitschmas. You're left with a very close match of MAC's Violet Impact and a blue based purple that nicely replaces MAC's Push The Edge.
Moving to the opposite side of the palette, you are gifted a deeper version of our first yellow. This eye shadow is a close second to MAC's Golden Hours' yellow. Kicking the pigment game up a notch, you get a nice golden yellow that is a fantastic dupe for MAC's Colour Added. Last but not least, MAC's Golden Olive is done justice with a nice mossy green I happen to adore. 
The fourth and final trio holds three true blue shadows that fade from light to dark. Starting with the lightest, we have a perfect match for MAC's Dimensional Blue. A slightly darker "Cinderella" blue comes next, and this is my absolute favorite of the bunch. This eye shadow melts with MAC's Moon's Reflection flawlessly, while the final shade sinks to MAC's Switch To Blue.
In the middle of the palette you are given a generous pan of black and white eye shadow. Both of these are matte with a unreliable satin finish, and sit in pans 3 times the size of the other shadows in the set. The black is surprisingly pigmented and even seems darker than MAC's Heather Belles. On the other end of the spectrum, you have a opaque white. This works as well as a duplicate of MAC's Chill, but tends to be a bit more powdery.
Not all of these colors are exact dupes for their MAC buddies, but they are certainly close enough for the amount of money they will save you. I was quite surprised with the pigmentation of these shadows and plan to do more if you'd enjoy it. Be sure to always keep an eye out for my next giveaway, and a big congrats to my latest winner! 

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