Thursday, April 24, 2014

4 Or More Tag: Thanks EmilyNoel83!

Alright; so Emily pretty much tagged anyone and everyone... but that includes me. I was sort of surprised that I don't own more collective brands, but my collection is definitely growing.

Let's start with my Essential Lipstick Collection from EyesLipsFace. I own four of these and can easily promise more purchases in the future. For $1.00, (or less with their constant sales) you cannot beat the quality of these. 

Next, we have another line from EyesLipsFace. This time we're looking into eyeshadow. This is probably one of the easiest things for me to stock up on in general. Again; we are in the Essential department at only $1.00 per pan. These are super pigmented and very creamy to apply. 

Last, but not least... 8 Pan Color Icon Palettes! If you've had the slightest look into my blogs, you know I'm obsessed with these babies from Wet N Wild. I own six at the moment. (p.s. I'm selling Petal Pusher here)

Above, I've swatched a couple of my favorites from each palette pictured. 

I tag all of my readers and would love to read or watch your posts. Feel free to link them below! 

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