Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prism Palettes: Naked, Sunset & Smoke

I've finally completed my collection of ELF's Prism Eyeshadow Palettes. There's a total of three different palettes. They each contain six shimmery eye shadows that fit into each category.

You get a highlight, a bold transition, a cool tint, a warm tint, an all-over shadow & a deep definer. Of course, you can use them however many ways you wish. It's just a way for me to explain that while each palette is different, they contain a grouped idea of eye shadows.

Highlight • A warm toned white with a spec of yellow.
Bold Transition • A yellow shimmer with gold undertone.
Cool Tint • A peach with gold reflects.
Warm Tint • A brown with gold shimmer and a cool tone.
All Over • A brown with copper shimmer and a warm tone.
Definer • A deep brown with muddy charcoal undertone.

Highlight • A cool toned white with a blue undertone.
Bold Transition • A slate grey with silver shimmer.
Cool Tint • A forest green with lighter reflects.
Warm Tint • A warm berry with purple tones and glitter.
All Over • A cool navy with cobalt undertones.
Definer • A black with deep grey shimmer. 

Highlight • A reflecting white with a slightly warm undertone.
Bold Transition • A coral with warm gold shimmer.
Cool Tint • A peach with deep bronze reflects.
Warm Tint • A yellow with golden warmth undertones.
All Over • A warm plum with deeper violet shimmer.
Definer • A purple with magenta reflects and undertones.

I really hope to see EyesLipsFace release more palettes with this formulation. The eye shadows blend wonderfully and have a soft & creamy consistency. With that being said, they've done a fantastic job in creating a Neutral, Cool & Warm trio of palettes. 

💋 Four Looks, One Collection 💋
Green Bay, Wet N Wild Jeans, Eggshells & Snow White

Green Bay • Of course, I had to place the beautiful green in a look dedicated to one of my favorite football teams. Smoke Highlight (1) Smoke Cool Tint (3) Naked Definer (6)

Wet N Wild Jeans • These three shadows remind me a lot of WNW's trio "I Got Good Jeans". Smoke Bold Transition (2) Naked Bold Transition (2) Sunset Warm Tint (4)

Eggshells • Again, I am in love with Wet N Wild and had to make my own version of Walking On Eggshells. Naked Warm Tint (4) Sunset Cool Tint (3) Smoke Highlight (1)

Snow White • I think this eye will look fantastic with a bold red lip. It brings me back to my love of Snow White. Naked All Over (5) Smoke All Over (5) Sunset Warm Tint (4)

Be sure to tell me your favorite combination of eye shadows in the Prism Palettes! 

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