Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gurus I Love: Beauty YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To

EmilyNoel83's Beauty Broadcast Express
I'm sure you all know and love Emily's videos, but I've recently discovered her BBE channel and I love the concept. It's right to the point reviews for products I've had my eyes on.

Kendall's videos make me feel like we're best girlfriends. She is very down to earth and is super relatable. It's nice to find someone you feel like you know and she keeps it real no matter the subject.

I believe Ashley is new to YouTube and I'm not quite sure how I came across her channel... I'm just glad I did. Like myself, she is more into drugstore brands and I love seeking different opinions on new items.

Last but not least, Rebecca. Girl, if you're reading this... I love you. Her videos always make my day and we have the exact understanding of the word sarcasm. 

Are there any Beauty Channels you couldn't do without? Be sure to let me know below. 

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