Thursday, May 8, 2014

10 ELF Products I Regret Buying

Here it is to combat my Top 10 ELF Products, my most regretted purchases from EyesLipsFace Cosmetics. 

Mist & Set Spray
I don't as much regret this as I forget this. I can honestly say I have used this product a handful of times since I've bought a new bottle last year. It's not a must have and really doesn't stand out to be anything special. 

Single Eyeshadow Raspberry Truffle
After being disappointed with the websites untrue photos, I haven't had much will to grab this eyeshadow. 

Pigment Eyeshadow Tropical Teal
As much as I would like to use this, the packaging completely fails to easily distribute the product. With that being said, the battle is just not worth it & I end up using another product. 

Get The Look Trio Brown
These colors are nice, yet slightly powdery. With the addition of not so practical packaging, this gets throw in the back of my drawer.

Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick French Lace
Who has thought to use a hard & dry stick of eyeshadow on your ever so sensitive eyelid? Painful, tough to use, and not much of an outcome. 

Studio Concealer Ivory
This is in no one's (except ELF's) mind considered "Ivory". I look and see peach with a touch of fake tan. This is about five shades darker than my skin tone, and seven shades darker than what a concealer should be for me. 

Moisturizing Lipstick
This line is absolutely a cop out. I find these lipsticks to be extremely uncomfortable on the lips, not at all moisturizing and strongly odored. 

Essential Quad Pretty 'n Pink
This quad is nothing special and difficult to get any sort of pigment out of.

Lip Balm Tint Grapefruit
Want a sticky and equally sticky lip balm? Try these, they're terribly on point.

100 Piece Marbled Eyeshadow Palette
I'd give this palette about a 67 out of 100, but I just honestly do not grab for it ever. It's so huge that I'm unable to store it in a place that's convenient for use. 

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