Thursday, May 8, 2014

Top 10 ELF Products

By now, I expect all of you to know about my obsession with Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics.

Today, I thought I would pull together a post that is pretty popular. I cannot begin to tell you how many blogs & vlogs I've watched and looked through with this topic. It's super interesting for me to see other peoples favorites and I can only hope y'all enjoy mine. 

Natural Volumizing Mineral Mascara
I've bragged and talked and talked about this mascara so much. In my eyes, it is an exact dupe of Too Faced's Better Than Sex. It may even be better than their Better Than Sex mascara. It separates and gives you lashes that look flawless. 

Prism Palettes
I've said it once and I'll say it again... I really hope that the brand creates more palettes with this formula. These shadows are pigmented and super creamy. 

Flawless Concealer Brush
If you're going to purchase a brush from EyesLipsFace, purchase from their studio line. If you're going to purchase a crease brush, grab their Flawless Concealer Brush. I'm not sure if I'd ever use this for concealer, but it works wonders and a soft & fluffy crease brush; especially if you have more of a hooded eye. 

Mineral Lid Primer
I personally will never fray from this primer. It's lightweight, and keeps my eye makeup from creasing 100%! I've never had issues when using this primer and would gladly put it up against a higher end version. If you'd like to see my comparison of the mineral and essential primers, you can check that out here

Tone Correcting Powder
I'm not a huge fan of this powder for its claim to correct tones, but this fine powder works as a perfect finishing & matifying powder. If you're upset with the brand's "translucent" powder not being sheer enough, this is your vise. 

Jumbo Gloss
Want the color of a lipstick but the comfortable feel of a creamy gloss? Grab yourself a Jumbo Gloss Stick from the essential line. I love the color payoff I get from these and the amazing moisture as well. 

Brow Gel & Clear Mascara :: Studio Single Pebble
These two products are a must for anyone with lighter brows. The eyeshadow is the perfect powder to fill, while the wet gloss mascara sets your brows exactly where you want them. 

Hydrating Face Primer
So many people have shot this item in particular down, and I'm not sure why. Yes, I can be a tad greasy. If used correctly with dry to very dry skin, this can be sensational. You only need a tad bit and be sure that your skin is dry, but this moves mountains for me and has helped so much with my dry patches. 

BB Cream
Last & not even close to least, my go to BB Cream. This is BB Cream in it's truest form; unlike it's mistaken sibling 'tinted moisturizer'. This gives a nice medium coverage and is just the most outstanding consistency. Lord knows I've had my battles with ELF and their skin tone products, but with something that has a tad less coverage, you're more likely to find your perfect match.

I hope you enjoyed this and please feel free to share some of your favorite ELF products with me. 

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