Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Battle Of The Palettes • Neutral & Naked

Let's talk Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes; one of the most common and versatile categories that seems to have a ongoing growth each day. 
I've gathered all of my natural & nude collections and took a closer look at some very basic staples when it comes to creating a neutral palette.

Let's begin with the highlights. No palette is complete without one of these babies and more likely than not, neutral palettes have an off-white shadow. Both Dark Room & Naked Prism have gone with a more shimmery finish, while Nude Awakening and The Naked Truth have more off-white satins. 

Pick Of The Category: The Naked Truth (Base)

You can't go neutral without a little flush of pink. My camera is making a few of these seem a bit darker than they really are, but I went off of the pans appearance when choosing which shadows were mostly pink based. 

Pick Of The Category: Nude Awakening (Left 2)

Next, we have your softer browns. I feel like any eye can be converted into a natural look with a touch of light brown. I chose each palettes lightest tint of brown when picking for this category. 

Pick Of The Category: Naked Prism (4)

Along with a soft brown touch, it's nice to pair a deep brown for any neutral look. I wouldn't reach for a black right off the bat when creating a more natural eye, so a nice, deep brown is your next best thing. All of these blend beautifully, but I chose the Prism palette because you can create a gorgeous look using only this shadow.

Pick Of The Category: Naked Prism 4

Our first disqualified palette is out of the game. While I adore this little compact, it just doesn't keep up with my other neutrals.

Again, my camera has deceived each of these copper-like shades into something completely different. The Dark Room swatch is a brown based shadow, but the red shimmer is overpowering making this a nice rusted ruby.

Pick Of The Category: Nude Awakening (Right 1)

Next to be disqualified is ELF's Naked Prism. You guys know how much I love my prisms, but this just cannot stand up with such subtle variations. 

We're down to our final two palettes as well as our final shades. While I wouldn't necessarily consider navy (or black for that matter) to be neutral, they can certainly be used to intensify a natural eye. The palettes come head to head with the picks because I love Dark Room's blue and Nude Awakening's Black.

Drum Roll, Please...

Earning 50% of the votes, my hands down favorite neutral palette is my Nude Awakening Collection from Wet N Wild. It contains the perfect combination of shades and finishes.

This palette was released last spring and is a bit difficult to find. I so luckily stumbled upon an entire rack of these at my local Big Lots, and stock up generously. If you'd like to bid on the one I am selling, click here

I hope you all enjoyed this and feel free to let me know your thoughts on these palettes or any of your go-to neutral collections!

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