Friday, June 27, 2014

Hair Mask To Restore Dry, Damaged & Colored Hair

You bleach, color & heat for good looking hair. Stop avoiding the healthy aspect and give your locks a drink!

Cantu's Shea Butter Cream works wonders for my bleached and torn hair. It's the best nourishment I can ask for and at a fraction of the salon's cost! You can pick a tub of this up at Walmart for less than $6.00, or head over to

Brush hair to remove any tangles or chunks of knotted hair. Apply the creme to dry hair until the entire damaged area has a thick coat. This works best with dry and slightly dirty hair. 

*I waited two days after showering.

After you apply the treatment, pull your hair back into a tight bun. Touch up any area that seems to have soaked the product in, and securely cover bun with a plastic bag. I use zip lock sandwich baggies and place a hair tie to keep it on. 

*If your hair is shorter; use a shower cap or grocery bag to wrap head. 

After leaving the creme in your hair over night, rinse and towel dry. If possible; wait another day before shampooing. I prefer to do this over the weekends. This way I can go without washing my hair to effectively complete this process. 

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