Sunday, June 29, 2014

Top Drugstore Hair Care Products That Work

Summer time is a time where you want to be carefree. The sun does wonders for your hair and many other health aspects, but not all heat gets along with hair types. Here are a few of my favorite products that I couldn't imagine living without. 

I love this leave in conditioner more than any I have tried before it, and have been using it to repair my hair for almost a year now. Keep in mind this will run you less than $6.00 and I haven't even made a dent. A little goes a long way. For more information and how to incorporate this as a hair mask, visit this post

Spraying this in your hair before you tame it with heated tools gets you one step ahead of damage. The smell is light yet pleasant and it dries almost immediately. This isn't going to do crazy things for your hair, but after using it once you will notice if you fail to continue. 

Of course, damage comes at many costs and split ends is the most common form. The easy way out would be to trim the locks, but after growing my hair out these last four years... No, thank you. This conditioner is not a 'one step fix' and requires a deeper conditioner if you want smooth hair. I can tell the slightest difference in my split ends and feel that this definitely prevents them from getting worse, but it doesn't really have other benefits. In the end, this just adds another step to my shower routine.

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