Sunday, June 29, 2014

New & Improved Makeup Wipes • Battle Of The Makeup Remover Wipes: Take Two

Welcome to Part Two of my Makeup Remover Trial. I've been on the hunt for a good cleaner since I ran out of my So Fresh, So Clean Wipes. You can check out some other products in my first post.

All three of these products retail for about $8.00. However, 5th Ave Fashionista gives you 60 generously sized cloths & Neutrogena offers about a third of that. 

First, let's get into the Oil Free Cleansing Wipes. I wanted to like these. I've tried the scrub version and it was pleasant to my skin. These wipes were not as forgiving. The scent was a little less pleasing than I remember (I love grapefruit) and they irritated my eye area. Obviously you shouldn't be sticking these in your eye, but around the eye is a sensitive and hard to clean area that just wasn't getting the love it deserves. 

Keeping in the brand, I decided to give the infamous Neutrogena Cleansing Cloths a go. Again, these run you about eight bucks per 25 wipes. If you're lucky you can find the travel packs (7) for just a buck at Walmart. My issue with these wipes weren't as much their sensitivity. I never felt irritated nor did my skin react negatively while using my travel pack. While it seems to clean my entire day of makeup off, the wipes leave a little something behind. I hate feeling a sheen film over my skin after cleansing it. There really wasn't a point to these because I had to re wash my face afterwards. 

Last but not least, my new found love. I have never heard of this brand and wasn't sure if my $3.00 Big Lots Price was a good deal or not. When it came down to it, 5th Ave's Remover Cloths had gorgeous packaging and smell of fresh blackberries. Who would say no to that? After using the wipes for a few days, I was pleasantly surprised to find my face clearer than normal. (If a remover doesn't catch everything, the left over makeup breaks me out) Not only do these work, but you get your money's worth. For $8.00 you get 3x the wipes and they are decently sized cloths. This hit of a product outshines the other two misses by far. 

You can find a store that stocks 5th Avenue by visiting their website

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