Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ELF Haul • Repurchases & New Products

This haul was a bit random & unexpected, but it contains quite the assortment of products I've not really tried before. 

I'm super excited so let's get into my first impressions! 

New Shades - Formulas I Already Love

Essential Lipstick - Posh // Classy

Jumbo Lip Gloss - Summer Nights

EXtra Lip Gloss - Brian

New Products - To Me

Tinted Moisturizer - Porcelain 
The tint aspect was not at all porcelain and very tough to blend out. As far as a moisturizer, it wasn't in the least.

Slant Tweezers
My new daily tool. Yes, I need to tweeze daily. This dollar tweezers is nothing special, but it feels very sturdy and precise.

Eyeliner & Shadow Stick - Brown/Basic
This duo was super easy to use and very creamy. I've only used the shadow stick once, and it did end up creasing on it's own. I will update if it does any different with a primer. 

Repurchases - Click Links for Reviews

*All of the products in this haul were sent to me by EyesLipsFace. These opinions are honest & my own.

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