Friday, October 10, 2014

Most Used Foundations & BB Creams • Mini Reviews

Palmer's BB Cream
I prefer to use this by itself for a light adjustment when I don't really want to apply makeup, but also as a medium strength moisturizing primer. This product has a very sheer tint of color making it workable on pale complexions, and I've noticed the lightest bit of color correction when applying the BB Cream; making it a must for hyper pigmentation. 

I can easily get away with this product alone thanks to it's medium to full coverage. ELF has somehow made it at least twice as moisturizing as any BB Cream I've tried elsewhere. The color selection isn't fantastic but I can make the Fair-est tone work.
*Extremely Dry Skin Approved 

This foundation is the first I've ever finished; I think ever. The color and coverage was mostly satisfying and any issues could be diminished by adding some concealer to the routine. My only issue is how drying it could be. I don't think having slightly dry skin would cause an issue with this formula; but on days my skin was extremely dry, it failed to keep up. 

Beside ELF's BB Cream, this holds almost no coverage. I found the formula to be drying and very orange for “Porcelain”. Thankfully, I had to mix in a lavender concealer which combated the tone, coverage & moisture level. 


  1. I found your blog through looking for dupes on Pinterest. Oh My!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!! I never have to buy high end make up ever. Any chance you have individual dupes for the eyes shadows from tarte's After Dark Rainforest palette? I can buy the dupe from Makeup Revolution but between its price, about $13 and another $13 for shipping that is still expensive.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you've found my content helpful. (and yes, I got your other comment. Sometimes they don't publish immediately.) I haven't gone through the palette and found individual drugstore dupes, but I can definitely look into it and see if I can figure some cheaper single options out.