Saturday, March 22, 2014

Huge Drugstore Makeup Haul: NYX BH Cosmetics ELF

I may have gone a little overboard, guys... but everything I purchased online was on sale. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be doing a full review on each product listed and the brands themselves.

First, I was craving a nice yellow eyeshadow. I don't remember why, but I suddenly thought to check NYX Cosmetics. 

After checking swatches online, I was unable to pass up their shadow in STFU. ($4.50)

Of course, I couldn't just buy one product. I had to dabble in a few other categories. After all, I've never ordered from NYX before and needed a rounded array of products to give them a fair chance. 

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk. ($4.50)
What? You mean that says Black Bean? Not Milk? That's odd. 

Lastly, I grabbed one of their Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Femme. ($4.00)

You can find a full review of these products & their customer service here.

The second place I ordered from was again new to me. I had no idea what a huge sale BH Cosmetics had going on. While items seem to be a little bit pricier than I remember, I believe they are still having great sales going on.

First, I hopped over to the eye shadows because that is really the only product of theirs that I have read feedback on. I picked up four single shades; while I harshly neglected my want for a palette, and each shadow was only $0.98!
All four eye shadows are from their matte collections & numbers/swatches will be in the review.

After noticing how cheap everything was, I went through the rest of their collections and came across a deal I could not pass up. I picked up a bottle of BH Cosmetics' Liquid Foundation in the shade Light Olive for only $2.80! 
You can find a full review of these products & their customer service here.

After saving so much money I; of course, convinced myself that it was quite alright to spend a little bit more money & buy a little bit more makeup.

Going along with my money saving adventures, I stopped by NP Boutique to pick up something I have been eyeing for quite some time now.
After craving Urban Decay's Naked Palette, I've realized that $52.00 for eyeshadow is quite ridiculous. I've been told that this Limited Edition palette is a pretty good answer for those who aren't keen on forking over the cash. 

To see my side by side comparison of the two palettes mentioned above, click here.

If you're not a fan of Wet N Wild or not much of a drugstore shopper, you may not know that Nude Awakening was a limited edition palette from the 2013 Spring Collection. Due to it's limited availability, I had no choice but to purchase this palette along with Wet N Wild's Going In The Wild. 

This was in last year's spring collection as well, and both can be purchased at NP Boutique while supplies last. 
For a full review of each palette & their customer service, click their names.

Ah, the ever so lovely ELF Cosmetics. I hope you guys know by now that there is no aerup haul without some ELF products. Of course, they always have great sales going... this time was no different. I have been waiting for a %50 Off Sale so that I can justify placing another order, and the time had come. 

This time, ELF had a half-off all new and bestselling items. The sale ended on St. Patrick's Day but if there is a new code by the time I post this, I will place it right here. 
You can find a full review of these products here.

Last but not least, one of my favorite drugstores. I found these products in the actual store but if you don't have one around you, I'm sure you could find it online at CVS.COM.

While I had a full basket after about 35 minutes of shopping, I ended up only purchasing two items. Knowing that I had all of these orders hauling in, I didn't want to purchase products that I wouldn't get around to using at the moment. I'm very proud to say that I only ended up another $10.00 deep in my collection.
For a full review of each palette & their customer service, click their names.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and please be sure to check out my full reviews of each product and web brands in upcoming posts. 

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